Frequently Asked Questions

Does Crosswind Aviation offer flight training?

No, at this time, Crosswind Aviation does not offer flight training services. We exclusively provide plane rentals to pilots who have already obtained their Private Pilot License (PPL) or a higher rating.

Does Crosswind Aviation require renter's insurance?

Yes, renters are required to have insurance coverage. Detailed information about renter's insurance can be found on the Rental Policies page.

Am I required to be checked out prior to flying the planes?

Yes, our insurance mandates that all pilots undergo a checkout process conducted by our Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) before flying our planes. The duration of this process depends on your experience level and competency but could take as little as a few hours.

Once I am checked out in a plane, can I fly whenever I want?

Absolutely! Once you successfully complete the checkout process, you are free to schedule and fly our planes. Scheduling can be done through Flight Schedule Pro, subject to prior reservations and scheduled maintenance.